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This portal contains the documentation of the public APIs of BleBox devices. Please notice that not all the fields or endpoints are described, since only main functionalities are open for public. Some devices are manufactured as OEM devices and no details are provided due to the agreements. We reserve the right to present the APIs details 'as they are', with no warranty that they will not change in the future!

The API works only in local network and the network should provide the security layer for the communication. Please notice that currently we do not provide the API for the remote (cloud) service. The cloud will work only via the wBox app!

How to use

At first, please determine the API type and API level (version) of the device You have - the following UML diagram will help you. Remember that some devices use more generic API type, e.g. pixelBox device use the wLightBox API.

Please choose the right API type and API level from the list. Older API levels or other API types can be found in the archive. Remember about frequent device updates! To always sit in a first row, please subscribe to our technical newsletter :)

APIs list by API type

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